Friday, March 29, 2013

The Long View of Management from Pesach

This week it is Pesach or Passover and we do not read the regular weekly parsha. In this case i opted to post about Pesach and business.

While I have taken the week off for the holiday, naturally many of my work related friends have not and this has led to interesting conversations.

In one example, someone used a hash tag which had zero meaning to me. Since I could only read the newspaper during the holiday, and this was not a newsworthy event unless you are heavy into social media and maybe the 1st Amendment, I had no idea what she was referring.

The differences between what we see in our daily life of work, materialism and physical aspects when compared in contrast to Pesach prove this out.

Pesach is when we remind ourselves of not just being freed from the Egyptian slavery but also from the mindset of idolatry and a general lack of spirituality. There is nothing new in this, but the example with my friend raises this to a modern view. If one is so tied to their work and being connected all the time, they lose track of how the world around us exists and lives. Living in a bubble, you only hear echoes, never anything new.

So get out of your bubble and recognize what is important is not the day to day, but the long haul and spiritual side. I may opt out to follow everything going on, and that is fine, because if it was really important, it would be for me and sent to me. As we answer the not so nice son on Pesach, this is what Hashem did and does for me. My trust is better than my email reliance.

While I have been out, my team has, I hope and trust, been taking care of things and when I return anything that is important will no doubt be told to me. My long view of management works for me as well because I want them to become managers and grow in their roles and this gives them the freedom to experience it for a week.

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