Friday, October 4, 2013

This Story to Continue

Similarly to this week's parsha Noach, Hashem decides to destroy the world and save Noach and his family via an ark the size of 1.5 US football fields, I have decided to rethink this blog.

After almost 2 years of writing the posts on this site, I have decided to take some time to regroup.

While at times the posts received a decent reading, many times it was reduced to under 40 readers.

In an effort to make the posts on here more substantial, and more well read, I am taking the time to look at different avenues to promote the posts, as well as review what made some of the posts better received than other posts.

The plans for this site and the information include some analytic studies and overall writing review.

I appreciate everyone that has been reading and stay tuned for a return in a few weeks. Chanuka time is my goal or Jan 1.

There is also a book publishing aspect which I am investigating.

Any comments and advice is appreciated.

Shabbat Shalom

1 comment:

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