Exodus / Shemot

Here you can easily find the Shemot weekly TorahBiz posts I started in 2012

2012 Edition                                                                                   
Shemot - And There Rose a New King
Vaeira - God's Marketing Plan
Bo - Hardened Hearts
Beshalach - "Cloud Cover" was the original "Air Cover"
Yitro - Choose Capable People
Mishpatim - Read The Fine Print
Terumah - Talk About Documentation
Tetzaveh - Good oil is hard to find
Ki Tisa - Where Are Your Horns?
Vayakhel -Finding the Expert
Pekudi - TBD

2013 Edition
Shemot - Make Your Choice or Have One Chosen For You
Vaeira - Put The Best Foot Forward
Bo - Living Under One Roof
Beshalach - Look Up, Look Down
Yitro - Fear of God, Do CEO's Get It?
Mishpatim - Don't Lie to Customers
Terumah - Build a Strong Foundation
Tetzaveh - United We Stand, Divided We Probably Fall
Ki Tisa - How do you Introduce Yourself
Vayakhel - Impressions Are So Fleeting
Pekudi - TBD


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